Shoe Box Sunday 6th November

ShoeBoxSundayWe would like to thank everyone who supported our Shoe Box Sunday.


Once again our church is supporting the Shoe Box Appeal which Blythswood Care have been running for many years.

We know that many of you in our community would like to get involved so we are having a Shoe Box Sunday on 6th November, where you can bring either your own completed shoebox or items that can be used to make a shoebox up.

For full information about the appeal please visit Blythswood Care Shoe Box Appeal.  On their website you are also able to download or view a checklist of suggested items, or alternatively you can pick up a leaflet from our church.  (All items must be new and no food is permitted apart from sweets with a ‘best before’ date no earlier than March 2017,)

“It’s not difficult to choose gifts for people who have so little.  Things we take for granted can often be luxuries for people living in desperate poverty.  By filling a shoebox with simple gifts you can give hope to someone in need this Christmas” Blythswood Care