Christian Beliefs Course

c-beliefsChristian Beliefs – 20 Important Questions

We are starting a ‘Christian Beliefs’ course at our mid-week meetings starting on Wednesday 8th February.

During the meetings we will watch DVDs covering 20 important areas of Christian belief and also open it up to discussion.  All are welcome.Theology is important because what we believe affects how we live.  Whether you are a relatively new believer in Jesus, or a mature Christian this course will answer some questions you may already have.

The topics covered are:

  1. What is the Bible?
  2. What is God like?
  3. What is the Trinity?
  4. What is creation?
  5. What is prayer?
  6. What are angels and demons?
  7. What is man?
  8. What is sin?
  9. Who is Christ?
  10. What is the atonement?
  11. What is the resurrection?
  12. What is election (or predestination)?
  13. What does it mean to become a Christian?
  14. What are justification and adoption?
  15. What is sanctification and perseverance?
  16. What is death?
  17. What is the Church?
  18. What will happen when Christ returns?
  19. What is the final judgement?
  20. What is heaven?