More about Sermons

When is a list more than a list?

Some of our members have asked if they can download the sermons from our website so that they can listen to them on other devices rather than their laptops.  So while giving a quick ‘how-to’ guide on doing that we thought we would also point out the additional features you can access.

When you first access the sermon list you will see a list of all the sermons we have on the website.  From this page you can quickly access the audio and written files, as well as any other links attached.

You can also search for and isolate sermons using the filter.  This is particularly useful if you would like to follow a series of sermons; for example we have picked the ‘Psalm 23’ Series.  Sermons filter 2Here you can see there are 14 sermons from that series.  Clicking on [Show filter] will open up the form for you.

Sermon Individual 2To get more information about each sermon click on the sermon title itself.

On this example you can see that we have highlighted a short video by John Piper that Gareth mentioned during the service and thought would be of interest to us.

You will also see here that underneath the audio link you will find the Download link.  By clicking on this you can save the audio file to your device, memory stick or CD.