Christmas Message


a time of peace, goodwill on earth, and a busy time for so many!

For parents of children, especially young children, there is so much – so much to do, so much expense, and so much excitement.  It seems the younger the children the greater the excitement!  We all want to have good memories of Christmas and so we plan, prepare, and hopefully not run up too many bills.

That first Christmas was nothing like how we now celebrate it in the west.  Preparations were made by Mary and Joseph too for that unexpected journey from their home village to Bethlehem yet there was no room for them to use and so the baby born was laid in a manger – imagine an animal’s eating trough!  Yet they knew that baby was someone most extraordinary – as they had both been told by an angel.

Christmas MessageThey knew He was the Son of God, taking a real body to Himself as He had been born to achieve something great and wonderful.  The name they were told to call Him showed that, for Jesus means Saviour, and the angel told Joseph that Jesus would save His people from their sins.  The shepherds were told of this Saviour who is Christ the Lord.  They went to find Him and when they found Him they rejoiced and told others about Him.  The wise men from the east went out of their way to find Him and the first thing they did when they got there was to worship this child before they even gave their gifts.

This Christmas we at Doncaster Evangelical Church look forward to rejoicing as we remember and celebrate again this amazing event of the birth of the Saviour Jesus and all that He achieved in becoming the Saviour of all who trust Him.  We invite you to join with us as we sing the traditional carols (and some new ones too) at any of our services over Christmas 2017.

  • Sunday 17th am – Morning Service will include Communion
  • Sunday 17th pm – Family Carol Service starting at 5pm followed by refreshments
  • Christmas Eve am – Morning Service
  • Christmas Eve pm – Family Carol Service starting at 5pm followed by refreshments
  • Christmas Day – A short morning celebration service starting at 10am