Doncaster Evangelical Church

Jesus said, "I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me."

Ministerial Candidate ‘Preaching with a view’

We are pleased to announce that our services on Sunday 17th June will be led by Tim Foster, who has applied for our current ministerial vacancy here at Doncaster Evangelical Fellowship.

Tim currently lives in Edinburgh with his wife Hazel where they are in training for ministry with Bruntsfield Evangelical Church as interns.  They have previously studied with Faith Mission Bible College and Tim has worked with Faith Mission in Northern Ireland.

In addition to Tim leading our worship on Sunday, he and Hazel will be spending time with us on the Saturday when we will be hosting a fellowship meal in the afternoon.  This will give all our members time to chat and get to know them both a little more.

We will be holding a special prayer meeting on Tuesday 19th June, praying especially for God’s guidance for both the fellowship and Tim & Hazel themselves.

This will be followed by an Extraordinary Church Members’ Meeting on Wednesday 20th June, when there will be final discussions, prayers, and voting on whether to call Tim to the position of Assistant Pastor.

For timings please see the events calendar.