Spotlight English Club

Our New English Club will be starting on Wednesday 19th September

If you are at school or in the workplace it is quite easy to practise your everyday English but there are many who are at home who don’t get the chance.  That is why we are starting a new group called ‘Spotlight English Club‘  and it will be open to anyone in the community who wants to practise their spoken English.

The club is intended to be a safe and friendly environment with no classroom pressure.  During our time together we listen to a 15 minute recording then chat and talk about what we have heard.  We chose Spotlight because their audio and video programmes use a method called ‘Specialised English’ which uses fewer words spoken and shorter sentences all at a slower speed.  Everything is provided free of charge including refreshments.

Feeling confident in our everyday English is important for us all, that is why we feel there is this need.  We also realise that walking into a club like this on your own may seem daunting; especially if people feel their English is not so strong.  That is why we encourage anyone who knows of any neighbours or friends who might like to give this a try, to feel free to join them for the first session. 

The group will meet on a Wednesday morning from 10:30am – 12 noon and run during school term-time.