Doncaster Evangelical Church

Jesus said, "I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me."


More help with reading the Bible

To help with queries about the publications and books available to help people of all ages to get more from their reading of the Bible, our Pastor has put together a useful list of resources and where to get them.

Help with reading the Bible

Along with the audio and written notes from Sunday mornings sermon you will also find the presentation file which highlights the different types of books and magazines that are available to help people of all ages with reading the Bible.  So why not check out our sermon page for more info.

Sermons Available

We are pleased to announce that the last two weeks sermons are now available on line.  We apologise for the delay.

Week of Prayer

A Week Of Prayer January 6th – 11th

Our Church’s 40th Anniversary & Vision for the next 10 years.

As is our custom we will begin our year with a focused week of prayer. 2020 is a special year for us as we celebrate and give thanksgivings for the past 40 years. We will also be looking forward and seeking God’s will as we plan for the next 10 years. We invite you all to join us.  Please look through our listing below.

Saturday 4thPrayer For Revival 10am – noon at Church (a great way to start the week of prayer by praying for Yorkshire and UK, as well as for Doncaster and our church).

Monday 6th – Prayer Groups meeting 2:30pm in the home of Gareth & Siân & 8:15pm to be announced.

Tuesday 7th – Prayer Lunch at Church 12noon – 1:30pm.

Wednesday 8th – Mid Week Prayer Meeting at Church 7:30pm led by our Pastor, Gareth.

Thursday 9th – Prayer Groups meeting 10:30am in the home of David & Jenny and & 7:30pm at Church led by Gerard (this meeting will focus especially on the Youth).

Friday 10th – Prayer Groups meeting 7:30pm at church and & 8:15pm in the home of Ray & Linda.

Saturday 11th – Men’s Group Prayer Breakfast at Church 7:30am.

We will try and advise of any changes of venue wherever possible.