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Central Eurasian Partners

Additional Missions Meeting – Tuesday 13 March @ 7:30pm We have the opportunity to meet with Malcolm Clegg and two Ukrainian Pastors from Central Eurasian Partners. “Please allow us to introduce to you to a new concept and initiative: a network of Christian mission initiatives called Central Eurasian Partners. As a group of united partner […]

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Wednesday 14th March 7:30pm Come along this evening as Steve Green from ReachAcross tells us more about their mission work. Formerly known as the Red Sea Mission, ReachAcross is a family of God’s people who shares the Gospel with Muslims and serves them in practical ways no matter how difficult or inaccessible that may be. To […]

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‘A Game Changer’ – Zambia 2017

At the beginning of the summer our brother Gerard led a team of twelve children from his school, Trinity Academy in Thorne, as part of the Emmanuel Schools Foundations trip to Zambia. Based at the Christian Outdoor Centre near Mkushi in the central province of Zambia, they had the opportunity to give practical support, educational needs and […]

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MAF Presentation

They need missionaries in Australia? “When our supporters learn that MAF (Mission Aviation Fellowship) has operated in Australia since 1973, many ask ‘why?’  But Arnhem Land reserve in Australia’s remote Northern Territory remains reliant on our planes and people to deliver basic supplies over vast distances and shine the Gospel into areas of spiritual darkness” […]

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