Find hope for the future

Are you fearful and anxious during these strange times? Do you need hope for the future?

At Doncaster Evangelical Church we are Bible-believing Christians who worship God through the Lord Jesus Christ. We have come to know God in a personal way and in a world of uncertainty He has become our certain hope.

Are you wondering how you can find this hope? Click here to find out more about becoming a Christian.

Maybe you want to understand where God is in the Coronavirus crisis… you may find the leaflet Hope Beyond Coronavirus helpful.

Is the Bible relevant to us today? Yes! It is God’s word to us, showing us who He is, that he loves us and has a plan for our lives. Download The Bible App (we recommend the New International Version) and find advice about how to read the Bible here.




We would love to help you find true hope for the future.

If you need further help please contact us at or phone 07913 577686.