Spotlight English Club

Spotlight English Club is for anyone in the community who wants to practise their spoken English.

See what the producers of the programs say

What Makes Spotlight Programmes Different?

Spotlight programmes are made for people who are learning English. They are easier to understand.  Our programmes serve learners in two ways.

  • They help people develop their English.
  • They talk about subjects that can improve the lives of listeners and their communities.

The audio and video programmes use a method called ‘Specialised English’.  Compared with ‘normal’ English broadcasting, Specialised English uses:

  • fewer words (our word list has 1500 words; we explain other words when we need them)
  • slower speed (about 90 words per minute, or half the normal speaking speed)
  • shorter sentences (mostly, one idea per sentence).

During our time together we will listen to a 15 minute recording then chat and talk about what we have heard.  There will also be a social aspect to our meetings including refreshments and it is completely FREE OF CHARGE.

The Club runs as and when needed

They usually meets on Wednesdays during term time from 10:30am – 12 noon, in the main hall of our church.