Sylvia Drabble – obituary

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Our oldest member and beloved sister Sylvia went peacefully to be with her Saviour on 8th October, 2016.

A lifelong Doncaster resident,  Sylvia was born in January 1926, and celebrated her 90th Birthday this year.

She spent her early life growing up in Kirk Sandal while attending Armthorpe Secondary School.  After meeting and marrying Fred Drabble, who was a fitter down the local pit, they moved to Intake and into the home that Sylvia would live in for the rest of her life.

Life wasn’t always easy.  As a young woman of 22,  Sylvia had Bronchiectasis which resulted in her having to have major chest surgery to remove part of her damaged lung. 

Sylvia recovered from this serious illness and went on to have three children; Geoff, Linda and Mark.  Sadly her husband Fred died young and Sylvia was left alone to raise their family; she remained a widow.

Sylvia had always been involved with church, singing in the choir and attending Church of England services every Sunday.  Later in life, she tried the church at Intake which was led at that time by Steve Sayles, then started coming to Doncaster Evangelical Church with her son, Mark.

As if hearing it for the first time the gospel message suddenly became real to her.

“I can’t explain it. I had gone to the Church of England for many years, just because it was the thing to do, but it hadn’t really meant anything.  Now, I became aware of what sin was and my own fallen state.”

Sylvia described herself as a different person altogether through the work of the Holy Spirit in her life.  She found joy in reading her Bible daily and spending time in prayer.  She prayed especially for her family, that as non-believers they might come to know Jesus in their lives too.

Last year Sylvia undertook the Believers Baptism and became a full member of Doncaster Evangelical Church telling us;

“I’m so thankful to God.  When I look back I’ve had so many miracles in my life.  He’s sent me guidance and help when I’ve needed it.  I want everyone to know I’ve been so welcomed here by this church and have been so blessed.  I’m very happy here.”

Sylvia always had a bright smile for everyone and will always remain a much loved member of our church family.

Sylvia’s favourite hymn was “Glad that I live am I”

Glad that I live am I;  That the sky is blue;  Glad for the country lanes,  And the fall of dew.

After the sun the rain,  After the rain the sun;  This is the way of life,  Till the work be done.

All that we need to do,  Be we low or high,  Is to see that we grow,  Nearer the sky.

By Lizette W Reese (1909)