Coronavirus – A message from our Pastor

Dear brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ, along with all who attend Doncaster Evangelical Church for activities and meetings.

It is with a heavy heart that, as a leadership, we have decided to suspend all meetings for the foreseeable time.  This is in line with the national response to the Coronavirus Pandemic and before the FIEC itself issued these guidelines.

This means that all services and activities will cease with immediate effect including Sunday gatherings and Wednesday Prayer & Bible Study.

We have taken this measure in order to protect our most vulnerable within the church family and wider community.  We also recognise the duty of care we have as the world looks on at our response.

What does this mean for us all?

It is vital for all of us to understand the following message – church has not stopped!  We continue to be Doncaster Evangelical Church but we will now need to stay connected through other ways.  Using video and audio recordings we will be uploading sermons which will be available to view online through YouTube.  We will keep you notified when this is all set up.  We will continue to put notices and updates on both our website and Facebook Page so please check in regularly.

Continue to pray for each other and for protection from infection, that we may not lose heart in fear but trust ourselves to God’s Grace.

Every blessing to you all in Jesus’ name.