Sunday service options for 25th October

From Sunday it is intended to hold morning worship in our church.  This will be limited in numbers, done under strict Covid Safety Guidelines, and seats will be allocated to those who have pre-registered.

The morning service will be streamed live on our YouTube channel from 10:45am.

In case we have any technical issues both the morning and evening sermon messages will be pre-recorded and available to view on our YouTube channel or listened to on our Website.

Please find below the order of service.

Morning Service

Hymn: O Thou who camest from above
Reading: John 14:15-31
Hymn: Come, Holy Ghost, my heart assure
The message: God’s people safe in the living Saviour

We are returning to our exploration of the comfort and encouragements found in these passages and in verses 18-24 we have this amazing chapter ‘Christ will come back to His own’.

Hymn: Take time to be holy

Evening Service

Hymn: Come let us sing of a wonderful love
Reading: Genesis 45:1-10
Hymn: Like a river glorious
The Message: Great delight in Total Forgiveness

We pick up the story of ‘Joseph in Genesis’ again as Judah has just pleaded for the life of his brother Benjamin, and now the brothers wait.

Hymn: Salvation’s song (Loved before the dawn of time)

Please note: no other church activities will be taking place, the church will only be open for these services and fully cleaned afterward.