Service Information – 15 Nov

Under current regulations attendance for church worships services is not allowed, however, our morning service will be streamed live on our YouTube channel from 10:45am.  (The audio for this service will be made available later on our Website.)

Our evening sermon messages will be pre-recorded and available to view on our YouTube channel or listened to on our Website.

Please find below information about each service.

Morning Service

Reading: John 14:22-31
The message: The Saviour’s Peace

As we continue in the Upper Room discourse we can reflect back on how full of comfort and encouragement it has been and now we look at the final comfort in this passage in verse 27.

Evening Service

Hymn: Thy way not mine, O Lord
Reading: Genesis 46:1-7;26&27
Hymn: All the way my Saviour leads me
The Message: Moving out and on.

With Pharaoh in agreement of Joseph’s plans for his family, Jacob, his father, now faces the prospect of a life changing situation.

Hymn: I do not know what lies ahead