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Sunday Services

May 9

We continue to hold our morning worship in our church as well as live-streaming on our YouTube channel from 10:45am.  Attendance will be limited in numbers, done under strict Covid Safety Guidelines, and seats will be allocated to those who have pre-registered.

The evening service, which is also live-streamed on YouTube, now starts at 6pm.  As usual the audio for both sermons will be available on our website from the Monday.

Today our services are led by our Pastor, Gareth James.

AM Service

John 16v9-11

The Spirit’s specific working in the world.

Here the Lord Jesus gives us more details of the Holy Spirit’s work in a world against God. How were the disciples going to go out and affect a hostile world? It was because the Holy Spirit would work in three main ways in the lives of people as He would convict people of their state and life before a holy God. As verse 8 summarizes “When he comes, he will convict the world of guilt in regard to sin and righteousness and judgment:” As we look at these verses we learn of His ongoing work in a world that does not know Jesus, but briefly note, that same work will also go on in His people in many ways as He works out the process of making them more and more holy and like Jesus.

PM Service

Jonah 1

The Defiant Prophet.

Jonah defies the Lord and does a runner out of the work he was commissioned to do. Why would he do so? What was the point of his running away? Why head to Joppa to get to Tarshish (and where was that anyway)? There will be lessons for us from Jonah’s defiance and running away as this word is a search word for us in our days and time!


May 9