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Sunday Services

June 6

We continue to hold our morning worship in our church as well as live-streaming on our YouTube channel from 10:45am.  Attendance will be limited in numbers, done under strict Covid Safety Guidelines, and seats will be allocated to those who have pre-registered. Please find details on the ‘Contact Us’ page to register.

The evening service, which is also live-streamed on YouTube, now starts at 6pm.  As usual the audio for both sermons will be available on our website from the Monday.

Today our services are led by our Pastor, Gareth James.

AM Service

Reading: John 16:16-24
A little while and a little while?

What did Jesus mean by a little while and a little while in v16? Hopefully this message may open our understanding, although many commentators own this is a puzzling phrase! It helps to realise that the words translate ‘see’ in this verse are different words with different emphases. The first means to behold, be a spectator, to consider, survey, study or to examine, while the second is one we get words such as optic, optician, ophthalmology – it is to do with seeing, recognising, perceiving, to become acquainted with by experience. The disciples were spectators of Jesus and His life, but after His departure they would ‘see’ Him again by the work of the Holy Spirit. The arrival of the Holy Spirit on the day of Pentecost would enable the apostles in particular, as well as all believers since, to see of Jesus by and through the work of the Holy Spirit. His great work has practical implications for our lives and days – which we will touch on.

PM Service

Reading: Jonah 1:7-17
From Confusion to Confusion!

The theme is not the best theme for any message! Yet this is what we can see develop amongst the sailors as it dawns on them that the God who created the land and sea had sent the storm and it was due to Jonah’s disobedience! Yet in it all we will come across Jonah’s confusion as he was the one who could really pray to this awesome God and yet it seems he would rather die than pray! We will catch a glimpse of how people can try and run away from the God who would only do them good and stop themselves using the privilege of true prayer! Such things will be a challenge to all.


June 6