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Sunday Services

June 13

We continue to hold our morning worship in our church as well as live-streaming on our YouTube channel from 10:45am.  Attendance will be limited in numbers, done under strict Covid Safety Guidelines, and seats will be allocated to those who have pre-registered. Please find details on the ‘Contact Us’ page to register.

The evening service, which is also live-streamed on YouTube, now starts at 6pm.  As usual the audio for both sermons will be available on our website from the Monday.

Today our services are led by our Pastor, Gareth James.

AM Service

Reading: John 16:16-24
Theme: A double contrast.(V20-22)

This morning we will see how Jesus goes on to speak of a double contrast – between the Church and the world and between the Church’s past sorrows and its future joys.
A. The contrast between the Church and the world. The Jewish rulers would rejoice at Jesus’ death – their hatred seemed to have triumphed and He was out of the way and the disciples would know grief and sorrow at their loss of the One they thought would redeem Israel. Thankfully things would change and we will go on to see: B. The Church’s sorrows and future joys. Their great sorrow and grief would not only be transformed, but the reason for their sorrow would be turned into reasons for greater joy than they could ever have imagined. This great joy would not be exclusively for the first disciples, but be available for believers throughout all ages, even all eternity!

PM Service

Reading: Jonah 1
Theme: Ascending and Descending. (v11-16)

Strange things would go on in the midst of the storm as pagan sailors would come to learn and acknowledge the LORD God of heaven and earth, as they would rise from the depths of God ignorance to realise Jonah’s God was THE God. Yet at the same time Jonah, God’s prophet, would sink into deeper defiance against the same God and into punishment. We will see that storms in life can drive us from God or to God!


June 13