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Sunday Services – AM Service in the Car Park

June 27

Welcome. We hope you will come and join us this Sunday morning at 10.45am for worship in the CAR PARK- weather permitting! If it does rain our service will be held indoors as usual.

Please still pre-register on the ‘Contact Us’ page for this service as we continue to observe the current Covid Safety Guidelines. There will be someone to welcome you in the car park and direct you to your seats.

Our evening service will be live streamed only and available on our You Tube channel from 6.00pm.

As usual the audio for both sermons will be available on our website from the Monday. Today our services are led by our Pastor, Gareth James.

AM Service

Reading: Acts 24:24-28
The Most Dangerous Place to Be!

There are lots of places we can fear to go and many situations we would consider too dangerous to ever find ourselves in. Where is the most dangerous place to be? From our reading we find the Roman governor of Israel being terrified, scared witless all because of what a prisoner of his said! It came about due to Paul’s message, his preaching of Jesus! We would not usually feel listening to a sermon to be a dangerous place, but it is if the way of salvation is clearly told and shows us our need to have faith in Jesus, of God’s righteousness, our need of self-control and especially the judgement to come that awaits us all unless we have faith in Jesus. Such a message leaves us without excuse before God and if we do not have faith in Jesus, we are lost for all time and eternity. Surely we would need to fear that being our end!

PM Service

Reading: Jonah 1:15-2:10 Grace in the ‘Submarine’!

None of us can outfight or outbox God, but Jonah tried to when he defied God. Jonah went out of the boat and into the fish! Yet, as he sank in the sea and was swallowed by the fish, which seemed to be his tomb, he came to his senses. At last he prayed and cried out to God, praised Him and owned that “Salvation comes from the Lord”. It is only God who can give us salvation and He can deal with us in the strangest of places and bring us to Him for the first time or restore us if we have wandered away from Him. With the Lord there is hope to be found if we truly cry out to Him.


June 27