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Sunday Services

July 4

We continue to hold our morning worship in our church as well as live-streaming on our YouTube channel from 10:45am.  Attendance will be limited in numbers, done under strict Covid Safety Guidelines, and seats will be allocated to those who have pre-registered. Please find details on the ‘Contact Us’ page to register.

The evening service, which is also live-streamed on YouTube, now starts at 6pm.  As usual the audio for both sermons will be available on our website from the Monday.

Today our services are led by our Pastor, Gareth James.

AM Service

Reading: Romans 5:1-11 Joy 1 – from our studies in John 16v22ff

People seek for happiness, contentment and joy in life. Jesus promised His followers joy, even in all the situations of life they would go through. It is not a frothy superficial joy, but truest joy from God the Son. Today we will look at false ideas of this joy and see the contrast between worldly joy and spiritual Christian joy, then in future weeks we will consider other aspects of Christian joy.

PM Service

Reading: Jonah 2:10-3:10 A Second Chance!

Imagine witnessing Jonah’s ejection by the whale or fish onto dry land! Would anyone believe you when you told them? How do we imagine Jonah felt as he lay there out of the confine of his submariner experience? He was alive and had been spared by God, but it was not to have a tale to tell, but he was given a second chance by the Lord to serve Him. Now Jonah seems a changed man, a restored rebel, a man of prayer and affected by his experience that brought him to this second chance. Surely he would be whole hearted and serve the Lord with delight – but more on that in future messages….


July 4