Frequently Asked Questions

Who are you?

We are a group of believers who come from all walks of life, varying ages and backgrounds.  Our church leadership consists of our Pastor, Rev Gareth James, supported by our Deacons who oversee the life of the church.

Who can attend your services?

Anyone!  You may already be a believer or you may be just beginning to realise that you have a need for someone in your life and that is God.

What happens in your services?

We hold two services on a Sunday, for more information about what happens and what is available please look here.  Sunday Services.

We also hold a mid-week service on a Wednesday evening which is usually a time of Bible Study and Prayer but this can vary for special events so if you check out the events calendar you will see what is happening.

Which Bible do you use in your church?

We use the New International Version (NIV) Bible during our services; there are copies at the back of the church for anyone to use although the verses are also projected onto the screen at the front.  You are not limited to only using this version but it is a good version especially for new believers to follow.  Any specific questions about various versions available can be put to our Pastor if you are unsure.

Why do I need to study the Bible?

We believe that “God has revealed himself in the Bible, which consists of the Old and New Testaments alone. Every word was inspired by God through human authors, so that the Bible as originally given is in its entirety the Word of God, without error and fully reliable in fact and doctrine. ” FIEC Doctrinal Basis

To put it another way we believe God’s Word is alive.  Spending time prayerfully reading the Bible is spending time with God, getting to know Him better, building a personal relationship with Him and learning about His will for our lives.  You can find advice about developing a reading plan here.

What is the Lord’s Table (Communion/Lord’s Supper)?

Twice a month after either the morning or evening service we celebrate the Lord’s Table.  It is known by many names but the elements are always the same.  It may seem strange to celebrate the death of our Lord but He also commanded us to observe the taking of bread and wine in remembrance of not only His sacrifice for us but also of His return.  If you are not a Christian yet, please still stay as there is no embarrassment as you only need to pass on the elements of bread and wine without taking them.

What is Believers Baptism?

It is the will of Jesus that every person who becomes a Christian should be baptised.  It is an outward expression of their faith and their willing submission to the will of Jesus Christ.  This is different to the baptism given to children and may raise questions for you.  A good booklet to read is “believe and be baptised” by Victor Jack.  If you would like to know about being baptised please speak with our Pastor.

What is a Child Dedication Service?

Unlike a baptism this is a service in which believing parents make a public commitment and promise before the Lord and all those attending the service to raise and instruct their children in God’s way.  Those attending the service, family, friends and especially members of the fellowship are asked to stand and make a commitment as well; not only to support the parents but to keep them all prayerfully upheld before God.  Does this ceremony mean that the children are now Christians?  No, the decision to follow God is something they will have to make for themselves as do we all.

What is a Fellowship Meal?

You may often see where we are holding a ‘Fellowship Meal’ after a service and wondered what this means.  It is a meal put together by people bringing food that they have either cooked or bought that everyone can share after the service.  It gives us all a chance to take time out and catch up, chat and meet new people.  Please don’t be afraid to join in if you haven’t prepared anything as it is not the case that you have to bring something in order to attend, all are welcome.