From Bible Study to a ‘Chip-Shop Survey’

Ever wondered what the Saturday Youth Group get up to?

Wonder no more!

Gerard one of the Youth Leaders explains:

“Every two weeks the Youth Group meet together for fun and to explore God’s word.

We usually begin with a look into the Bible which is led by Andy.  The group are mostly from Christian homes or those who are keen and open to the Christian message.

The age ranges from 9-14, similar to the Way Club, but the teaching is a real Bible study which offers a great opportunity for them to think and engage about the Word.  At the moment we are looking at the subject of prayer as Andy is taking us through the Lord’s Prayer in Matthew and Luke.  It has been wonderful gathering afterwards in a circle to pray together.  Please pray for this group as they meet that all of them would come to trust in Jesus as their Lord and Saviour.

The wonderful thing is, they love being together and are very positive and open to God’s word.

After the teaching, the group take part in a variety of activities.  Last Saturday night they did a ‘Chip-Shop survey’.

Here Martha and Lois have written this account of what happened.


We were put into three teams and each team was given a survey sheet and a Mars Bar.  Then we went off in different cars to four different chip shops and looked at things like the look of the shop, the food range, service quality, and chip quality.  If any freebies like pickled eggs were given then we could give a bonus point. For each category we gave a score out of ten and also tested to see if the shop would batter our Mars Bar for us.  We also had to bring back any extras we could find like a ketchup sachet, chip forks and a menu.  My favourite was Pisces because the chips price was good along with the inside of the shop and the service quality.  Also the chips looked and tasted good.  In the end Mr Fish won and it was a really fun night.


We were all put into either Andrew’s, Shirley’s or Gerard’s group to taste and rate four different fish and chip shops around Wheatley.  Fish shops included were The Golden Cod, Mr Fish, Pisces and Lonsdale’s. They were all exceptionally good but my favourite was Mr Fish.  After trying the chips we had to rate them out of ten such as the price, the range of food and the speed of service.  Also, we had to look for freebies and ‘Cool stuff’ like a battered Mars Bar, a menu and some chip forks.  Over all Mr Fish won but I would recommend them all.  It was great fun and I can’t wait to do it next year.