Golden Outlook

Our Golden Outlook group meets at 1:30pm in our main hall and is for everyone.  It’s a time where you can chat while we do various activities such as; Scrabble, dominoes, jigsaw puzzles, knitting, crochet and much more.  For those a little more active there is always Table Tennis or Boules.

“We meet up on Tuesdays and there’s always a welcome to all who join us.  There are always lots of things to see and do but there’s no pressure and you can join in whatever you want to do. We have a good mix of people, you’re all welcome to come and join us …young or old everyone is welcome.”  Maureen

20170131_142609There really is no age restriction we simply enjoy being in each other’s company; talking, laughing and of course drinking tea, coffee and eating biscuits.  Golden Outlook is also a great way to practice your English if it’s not your first language.

We finish at 3:30pm and for our last quarter hour we share a message from God’s Word.

Please feel free to just drop in.