I don’t know how I reached forty without thinking about God but I did.  In fact I didn’t start thinking about God, rather God got into my thinking.

It all started with my questioning myself asking ‘Was this it? Was this all there was?’  I somehow felt my world was very limited and there was something I wasn’t seeing; a feeling that there was something right in front of me that I just wasn’t getting.

While chewing these thoughts over I also had an overwhelming urge that I needed a Bible; a recurring thought was that everything I needed to know was in there.  Looking back I see God was dealing with me the way He knew to get my attention but it was still a drastic step for me to take it further.  I was not brought up in church and neither was my husband’s family so this was going to have an impact on him as well.

The route I took to finding Doncaster Evangelical Church is a little meandering but thankfully this is where I nervously walked in by myself all those years ago.  Over the following months, through hearing and having the Scriptures explained, I began to learn about God, Salvation and Eternity.  I also began to realise that it was only through Jesus’ death on the cross that I was saved and how once I had accepted Him what a continuing personal relationship I was entering into.

During all these years my husband has come to church with me but it was not until recently that he too accepted Jesus as his personal saviour.

DEC is more than just our church, it is our extended family.  A large kaleidoscope of people with a myriad of personalities who somehow seem to support, encourage, laugh with, cry with, and love each other more than any family I have known.