Of course I’m a Christian!

I always thought that I was a Christian and if you had asked me at any time before the end of 2015, I would have said just that.  “Yes, I’m a Christian.”  This is my story as I told it at my Believers Baptism.

“Most of you here will know me as I have been attending church with my wife, Janet, on and off for the last 16 years.  I had always managed to stay on the edge, not really taking in the messages I was hearing but as I’m standing here now before you I guess we have to say that something must have gone in.

I was listening to Gareth preach one Sunday about not taking the last steps – accepting Christ as my saviour – in case it might just change things and you were happy with your life as it was.  I realised that I was not risking taking that step and it seemed that Gareth was not only talking about me but to me.

After that sermon I spoke to Gareth and accepted Jesus as my Saviour and well, here I am, finally.  Thank the Lord.”

It’s easy to go through life thinking you are a Christian but it’s not until you attend a church like DEC where the Bible is preached and taught and you start to read the Bible for yourself that you actually realise that you’re not.  Oh and by the way I was 71 years old when this happened!