Reading Plans

If you have never read the Bible before, the book of Mark is a good place to start.  If you would like to read through the whole of the Bible then see below for more help!

As we have previously said, spending time prayerfully reading the Bible is spending time with God, getting to know Him better, building a personal relationship with Him and learning about His will for our lives.

Communion with God is a staggering thought.  Communion with God is not merely learning about God but enjoying fellowship with God in the truth He reveals about Himself.  The apostle John, who enjoyed unusually close communion with Jesus while he was on the earth, said that he wrote his letters so that we might enjoy this fellowship.”  John Piper ESV Study Bible

Reading through the Bible can seem daunting.  We read and hear of a lot of different approaches to doing it but what is right for one person may not suit another.  A good starting point is to follow a reading plan.  Keep in mind that there is a danger that following a plan can become an exercise in simply putting a tick in the ‘done’ box but if you adapt a plan to suit you and your pace it can be a great tool to keep you going.

Don’t let a plan rule your life.

There are many good reading plans out there but sometimes you need more time to actually get through and absorb what you are reading.  Struggling to get through the required reading the first couple of days can easily become discouraging.  If this is the case try splitting one days reading into two.  Don Carson did this with the Robert Murray M’Cheyne classic reading plan both of which are linked here.  M’Cheyne Original PlanCarson Revised Plan.

Where can I find a plan?

There are many websites that offer reading plans that are either printable or accessed on-line, (some also offer email reminders).  It is your personal choice.  Listed below are a couple of sites that offer a variety of formats.  (There are other sites but these we have given as an example) have a wide choice of downloadable pdf format reading plans. offer a variety of on-line plans.

Devise Your Own

Devising your own plan means you can decide what focus and pace you want to give to your reading.  How you tackle your reading is also open to your personal speed and choice.  It isn’t necessary to decide and write out a schedule upfront, just make sure you keep a record.

Personal application proves wise when you reckon with these marvels.  The Bible was written to others – but speaks to you.  The Bible is about God – but draws you in.  Your challenge is always to reapply Scripture afresh, because God’s purpose is always to rescript your life.”  David Powlison ESV Study Bible

Try to keep a journal where you can record anything that has struck you during your reading, you may find it becomes a springboard for even deeper study.